More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys!

We have so many new infant sets in the studio this summer and we will be adding more sets for toddlers too!  How perfectly sweet is this little monkey?

And...there is just one more day of voting left in our "Beautiful Baby" contest. I am really excited to get to tally up the votes soon and announce the winners of $1600 in prizes :)


Easy Tutu Tutorial!

In honor of our upcoming princess party I have put together a super easy "no sew" tutu tutorial.

So grab your favorite princess/fairy/ballerina and measure her waist.  You will need a piece of elastic approximately 3 inches shorter than the waist measurement.  You can also use ribbon or a pre-made women's elastic headband.

If you are using elastic you can run it through a sewing machine or take a minute to stitch the ends together by hand.

 Next, choose some tulle.

I found that the softer tulle that comes on spools in the wedding department of your favorite craft store is the easiest to work with and not as scratchy on little legs.  But I mixed in some stiffer tulle for texture and variety as well.  I used one roll of the light purple shimmery wedding tulle and 2-3 yards of white tulle.

The best tutu strip cutting tip I have found is to roll your tulle up into a tube and then measure and cut your strips that way...very quick and easy way to get nice strips.

I cut my strips to 3 inches wide and about 22 inches long  to end up with a tutu around 10 inches long.  I didn't worry too much about making them perfect.

Then you begin tying your strips to your elastic band (I put it around my leg to hold it in place) using slip knots.  This takes some time.  I suggest some music or tv to help pass the time :)

Make a big mess and let your princess help!

I tied until I had a nice full skirt and laid it out to trim stray long ends.

Of course you could make a pretty flower or bow to adorn your new tutu but that's a tutorial for another day.

Finally, put it on your fairy princess and/or ballerina and have her strike her best tutu pose.

Admire your craftiness!

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Premier Women's Health Center "Grand Opening"

We had a great time at the "Grand Opening" of the Premier Women's Health Center...many of our new "Tot Thots" Fine Art Prints are hanging on display!  Congrats to Dr. Villarreal & Dr. Regan!



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