Baby Averie | Chillicothe Ohio Newborn Photographer

What a sweet and gorgeous baby girl!  This is just a small sampling of the beautiful "Oh, Baby!" shoot she hard to choose favorites.


Averie Zebra

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Baby Sleep Positions | Chillicothe Ohio Baby Photography



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Brand New Babies! | Chillicothe Ohio Newborn Baby Photographers

December brought Jividen Photography some of our youngest babies yet!

We had little Samuel at 2 1/2 days new:


And Piper just 6 days new:

Samuel's parents collect antique books and Piper's parents brought her little owl hat. We have so many things to build custom scenes (you could say we are addicted actually) but we love it when families bring in props for us to work into a scene with their special interests in mind. 

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Silver Lining Backdrop Review & Giveaway | Chillicothe Ohio Baby Photography

I was so excited to receive a backdrop from Silver Lining Backdrop Shoppe! I am always looking for great products with high quality and versatility to use in our new baby boutique area and I hit the jackpot with Silver Lining Backdrop Faux Walls & Floors.

I left it totally up to them to choose a drop for me and what I got was certainly a pleasant surprise. It is what they call a “2-fer Split”. What that means is basically a wall and a floor in one. The printing and the vinyl are very obviously high quality and I love the versatility of having the 2-in-1 drop. Because we do get creative and invert the drop so that the floor half can be used as a background as well as it just being a lovely wall and floor set.


Emsley Barrows

The backdrop I have is the perfect size for my baby photo shoots. I just clamp it to my backdrop stand and drape it over a block. Really it couldn’t be more convenient and when I am finished with it I just roll it up. Which is important if you have as many props and as little extra storage space as I do! They are also waterproof (baby pee proof too) and clean easily.

But my favorite thing about the Silver Lining Backdrop is that it photographs so beautifully. I haven’t used printed backdrops in the past. I was skeptical of how a “printed wood” floor would look in my images. But it looks fantastic and I am very happy with the results. These backdrops are an amazing way to get a large variety of looks and sets for not a huge amount of money.

Now I want them all. How beautiful would this be in my holiday photos?

 "Where the highest quality meets affordability”


And great news!! Silver Lining Backdrop Shoppe is offering one of my readers a $50 gift certificate towards the purchase of one of their backdrops.

Mandatory Entry:

-Go to Silver Lining Backdrop's shop and tell us (by leaving a comment on this post) what you would choose if you win the $50 GC.

-Then stop by the Jividen Photography facebook page and “like” us.


 U.S. only

Winner will be drawn via on Nov. 27th 2011 and announced on December 1st!

*The opinions expressed in this review were my own. I received a complimentary backdrop and no other compensation.

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Babies! - Baby Photo Sessions | Chillicothe, OH

We have collected, researched, constructed, gathered and hand-crafted all in the name of building the perfect new baby boutique area in our studio. And now? We are having so much fun creating amazing photographs of beautiful babies!!!






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