Baby Averie | Chillicothe Ohio Newborn Photographer

What a sweet and gorgeous baby girl!  This is just a small sampling of the beautiful "Oh, Baby!" shoot she hard to choose favorites.


Averie Zebra

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Bunny Daze- Round One |Chillicothe, OH Photographer

Bunny Daze kicked off yesterday and I have to was awesome!  I knew we would get great shots but the cute bunny/extra cute kids combo was amazing. Can't wait to share some and to keep rolling along through the rest of our live bunny photo week.


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Brand New Babies! | Chillicothe Ohio Newborn Baby Photographers

December brought Jividen Photography some of our youngest babies yet!

We had little Samuel at 2 1/2 days new:


And Piper just 6 days new:

Samuel's parents collect antique books and Piper's parents brought her little owl hat. We have so many things to build custom scenes (you could say we are addicted actually) but we love it when families bring in props for us to work into a scene with their special interests in mind. 

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A big post of beautiful babies! |Chillicothe Ohio Newborn & Infant Photography



A parade of the gorgeous babies that have been marching through the Jividen studio:

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