Kiddy Pool Safety Tips

Last week was blazing hot so we decided it was time break out a new kiddy pool. I am always vigilent when it comes to the safety of my children so I found these simple tips to share for observing pool safety:

"Even shallow wading pools can pose safety risks.  Very small children can drown in only an inch or two of water. You should always supervise your children when they are playing around water, and tell your children they are never allowed to play in the pool when an adult isn’t available to keep an eye on them.

Don’t allow excessively rough horseplay, and never allow any child to hold another child’s head under the water, even briefly in fun.  The area around a pool will be slippery and wet, so discourage running.

Empty the pool after each use for absolute safety (and to prevent attracting bugs and wildlife).  Nobody can drown in an empty pool!  It may be inconvenient to dump and refill larger kiddy pools, but some come with covers.  Use the cover without fail, but remember that a child can still get into a covered pool.

Dumping the pool each time it’s used and then refilling it is best, but may not be practical with larger pools.  Buy a skimmer to remove grass and debris, and keep the pool covered when it isn’t being used.  If the water turns brackish, it’s time to change the water so the little swimmers don’t get skin rashes or infections.

Discourage kids from drinking pool water or letting in splash in their mouths, even if it looks clean.  Call a bathroom break often enough to keep them from using it as a potty, as kids will tend to do.  Swim diapers can’t be counted on to prevent contamination.  Change diapers away from the pool area, and not on the towels or lawn furniture nearby." -

One last tip...don't get your camera too close to a 4 year old in a pool!

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